Welcome to fall. We just had a beautiful eclipse of our Blood Moon, the yearly hop harvests have come in, and we are getting ready to shift from the heat of the summer to the colors and smells of fall. What better way to enjoy the changing of the seasons than with beer that celebrates our local bounty?

As we plan our costumes and prepare the holiday decorations, we have already been hard at work preparing our fall seasonal beers. Our first fall seasonal is our Fresh Hop beer, or Hop Nouveau, called Hoptail Ale. We used Columbus hops fresh from the Western Slope and once harvested, brewed them into the beer within 24 hours. This fresh and fast process incorporates new and unique hop flavors into this amber ale. With its fruit forward profile and clean finishing bitterness, it is a delicious full-bodied treat. We can only make this beer once a year, so it is always a pleasure to share it with you for a limited time.

Our second fall beer is our 2014 Pumpkin Release. We make this beer using fresh pumpkin and age it in new bourbon casks with chili peppers and cacao nibs. Celebrating the heritage of the pumpkin and its Mesoamerican roots, combined with the creativity of modern brewing will surely make our pumpkin seasonal a taste teaser to remember. Find it on tap shortly!

As we move indoors for the season and share our time with friends around football, fall leaves, and our beautiful Colorado weather, don’t forget to share a cold craft brew as well. Salute.

~Joshua Willett~

Beer Magician