Broomfield county has lowered its COVID restrictions to Level Clear.  Here’s what that means for us:

We are OPEN for indoor dining, with no space restrictions

– No party size restrictions

 Masks are recommended for those who are not vaccinated



**If you are dining in-house, please order at the kitchen window**

come for the beer, stay for the fun.

We are a small batch craft brewery in Broomfield, Colorado, with big dreams, a big property, and carefully imagined beers.

Our passion for peoplehappiness and the magic behind making beer, inspires our team to bring the community together, to celebrate life and cherish the ritual of craft beer.

We have a pinball arcade, ping-pong tables, corn hole, pickle ball, and mini-golf.

Hungry? Check out the Wonder Grill menu. With locally sourced, grass-fed beef, local organic chicken... we feed you to feel good.

Parking Spots


ping pong tables


beers on tap

pinball games

Wonder grill

From seasonally planting and harvesting our own veggies, to locally sourcing our (hormone and antibiotic-free) grass-fed black angus beef and organic chicken… we feed you to feel good. 

And yes, we are still dog friendly… so don’t forget to hook your furry friend up with a bacon strip.

Light & drinkable

Blood Orange shandy time. 6.4% abv

Blood orange wheat ale blended with lemonade and real fruit juice. The citrus is real.

7 Queens Honey Blonde. 8% ABV

High octane Belgian Honey Blonde that drinks almost too smooth. 

CocoMelon Seltzer. 5.1% abv

Let the fine notes of coconut and watermelon serenade you with their sweet summer vibes.

*Gluten free*


rye is this still happening? 6% abv

This unique brew boasts a grain bill of rye with the addition of blackberry-blueberry honey as well as Centennial and East Kent Golding hops. Crisp hop bitterness with lingering notes of sweet orange.



3 putt Pale ale. 5.5% abv

A clean and crisp American pale- bright citrus with luscious notes of pine.


Goldline EPA. 5.9% abv

English pale ale with earthy style hops and hints of lemon peel and black pepper. Made in collaboration with Steuben's in Arvada & Uptown Denver.

*Gluten reduced*

Summit DDH Pale Ale. 5.7% abv

Sometimes it is nice to sit back and enjoy the basics. A cello soloist, a perfect golf round, or a hang glider in the air is sometimes more appreciated than a rock band, a sports team, or an airport. This beer features just one hop that everyone seems to forget about: Summit. Summit hops became popular in 2003 and are often looked at as the older brother to Simcoe hops. Spicy and Citrus like characters will give you a look into what craft beer was in it’s earliest heyday (before CMG); Classically crunchable and aggressively progressive.

Hoptail IPA. 7.3%ABV

Retro American IPA. A malty-style, high gravity, bitter and timeless American IPA that was once more common. Dreamy orange peel bitterness with a malty backbone.

He's going the (social) distance. 7.6% abv

Hazy IPA with soft notes of tropical fruit and a velvety citrus hop character.  Perfect patio sipper to close out the summer of social distancing!

Blame it on my juice. 7.4% abv

Juicy IPA with bright, citrusy grapefruit hop character.  With 3 pounds of hops per barrel, "Ain't my fault that I’m out here makin' news, I'm the pudding in the proof. Gotta blame it on my juice."

malty/ambers/dark robust

Altmighty Altbier. 5.5%

English & German hybrid amber ale with a fruity malt and balanced hop character.

Delectable Dubbel. 7% abv

Luscious medium bodied richness with notes of coffee and a sweet malt character reminiscent of dried fruit, raisins, and caramel.


Rocky mountain high sour. 5.0% abv

Guava sour barrel aged for 18 months to give this delicious beer roundedness to mellow out those delicious tart flavors.

O.g. 18.7 malt liquor. 9.4% abv

Craft style American Malt Liquor brewed with real corn and high quality barley. Grab a 40 on your way out to keep the party going at home.

Merlins revenge. 12% abv

An experimental ale brewed with three different types of yeasts and aged in three different types of barrels. A Belgian Quad best describes its origins, but adventurous best describes its passion. Merlin (Wonderland's original brew dog) will take revenge if you don't like it because "it's not to style", it's not supposed to be.

Ginger Saison. 9.11% ABV

Belgian style saison with a hefty dose of candied ginger up front and mild sweetness to finish out.

Pride of broomfield barleywine. 10.5% abv

This barrel aged barleywine was aged for 2 years in anticipation for our celebrating 5 years in Broomfield!  Its heavy body warms with notes of  caramel and chocolate.

Come on In!


Sunday: 12PM - 9PM 

Monday - Thursday: 2PM - 10PM

Friday: 2PM - 11PM

Saturday: 12PM - 11PM


Sunday: 12PM - 8:45PM 

Monday - Thursday: 2PM - 8:45PM

Friday: 2PM - 9:45PM

Saturday: 12PM - 9:45PM




(303) 953-0400


5450 W 120th Ave. 

Broomfield, Colorado