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We are a small batch craft brewery in Broomfield, Colorado, with big dreams, a big property, and carefully imagined beers.

Our passion for peoplehappiness and the magic behind making beer, inspires our team to bring the community together, to celebrate life and cherish the ritual of craft beer.

We have a pinball arcade, ping-pong tables, corn hole, pickle ball, and coming soon... mini-golf.

Hungry? Check out the Wonder Grill menu. With locally sourced, grass-fed beef, local organic chicken... we feed you to feel good.

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From seasonally planting and harvesting our own veggies, to locally sourcing our (hormone and antibiotic-free) grass-fed black angus beef and organic chicken… we feed you to feel good. 

And yes, we are still dog friendly… so don’t forget to hook your furry friend up with a bacon strip.

Light & drinkable

alice blonde. 5.6 % ABV

Gentle, but flavorful. This charmed Belgian blonde is distinctive in it's own right. Spiced with coriander & orange peel, so you can expect citrus with an herbal earthiness to finish. Designed for the craft brew novice and the craft connoisseur alike.

silverback spiced weiss. 5.3% abv

Made with grains of paradise and featuring a banana & clove flavor profile. Help us save the gorillas! Buy a Silverback and know your money is going to the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.  How altruistic of you.

shandy time. 6.4% abv

Blood orange wheat ale blended with lemonade and real fruit juice. The citrus is real.

impossibly possible pilsner. 5.0% abv

Crisp and Refreshing; just like Granddad used to drink.

Pound Foolish Copper Lager. 4.8% abv

Super easy drinking, beautiful copper-colored lager. Made with Heritage malt, giving this quaffable beer very light toasted biscuit notes.

Saison de geebes. 7.4% abv

"Saison" or "season" in French; saisons are a type of farm house ale. Our unique saison is a nod to old school brewing methods, featuring the yeast, saison du ponte, and 100% floor-malted barley. Floor malting is a traditional method of malting grain that dates all the way back to the 3rd Century A.D. Enjoy a piece of history.
*Gluten reduced*


hoptail ipa. 7.3% abv

Retro American IPA. A malty-style, high gravity, bitter and timeless American IPA that was once more common. Dreamy orange peel bitterness with a malty backbone.

It's Been a long year today. 7.7% abv

Dry hopped with the highly elusive Cashmere hop, leaving bright juicy flavors of pineapple and peaches.  Perfect for your 2020 quaran-tainment  #oustcorona

fresh hop ipa. 5% abv

The ultimate farm-to-glass beer. Made with over 100 lbs of freshly picked hops from High Wire hop farms in Paonia, Colorado and malt from Root Shoot Malting Co. of Loveland, Colorado.

3 putt Pale ale. 5.5% abv

A clean and crisp American pale- bright citrus with luscious notes of pine.

Goldline EPA. 5.5% abv

English pale ale with earthy style hops and hints of lemon peel and black pepper. Made in collaboration with Steuben's in Arvada & Uptown Denver.

*Gluten reduced*

malty/ambers/dark robust

Altmighty Altbier. 4.8%

English & German hybrid amber ale with a fruity malt and balanced hop character.

dubbel. 7.6% abv

Aged on french oak spirals, you can expect a medium bodied richness with a sweet malt character reminiscent of dried fruit, raisins, and caramel.

Broomfield's finest milk stout. 6.6% abv

Everyone's favorite sweet beer treat, just in time for St. Paddy's Day! It's utterly delicious!


Raspberry Velvet Settee. 5.6% abv

This luscious raspberry sour was made with saison yeast, 1/3 lb of fresh raspberries per gallon, inoculated with Brett, and aged for 18 months in French oak barrels.

let them drink cake. 14% abv

We present this high gravity, flavorful stout. This beer started in our WonderPilot system and it was so good, we had to bring it back!  This imperial pastry stout features bourbon vanilla and packs its punch from a double mash process and the addition of lactose and brown sugar.  We took our *sweet time* in perfecting this full-bodied beauty.

Cat's pajamas. 8.7% abv

Oak aged wheat bock beauty- with a warming caramel character.

Pride of broomfield barleywine. 10.5% abv

This barrel aged barleywine was aged for 2 years in anticipation for our celebrating 5 years in Broomfield!  Its heavy body warms with notes of  caramel and chocolate.

Trippel Standard. 9.15% abv

Belgian Trippel. Medium bodied with notes of bubble gum, banana, and cracked peppercorn.

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Monday - Friday: 3PM - 10PM 

Saturday: 11AM- 10PM

Sunday: 11AM - 9PM


Monday - Friday: 3PM - 10PM 

Saturday: 11AM- 10PM

Sunday: 11AM - 9PM



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5450 W 120th Ave. 

Broomfield, Colorado

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