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Wonderland is an ambitious endeavor and our take on beer is no different. We strive to create unique and bold flavors, and understand that a quality craft beer is the by-product of care, creativity, and time. At Wonderland Brewing Company, we create a complex series of Belgian, American, and English beers. Our tap room features 12 taps that highlight a variety of flavors and styles, like traditional pale ales, Belgian blondes, stouts, and the like, as well as some seasonal offerings such as pumpkin beers, winter ales, and delightful spring hefewiezens. Other series of beers include reserve and special reserve offerings. These are in part created by our Weiss, Lager, and sour fermentations, as well as blended and barrel aged beers. The mindful creation of these complex beers include recipes that put the focus on wood, unique flavor, high alcohol, and time. With the help of wine and bourbon casks, staves, and foeders, we plan to create rare and special flavor experiences that take the best of art and science and imbue the beers with a magical, brain tickling touch. We think of beer as therapy for the soul here at Wonderland, which should be created with a sense of purpose and thoughtfulness in each and every glass. We understand that beer is food and believe it should be treated with quality and care, as we know it will be consumed by our customers… You!

On Tap Now:

#1 Shandy Time:6.3% ABV- 19 IBU – 16.5 OG
American Specialty Wheat Ale ~ Specialty Beer
Two words- Orange Creamsicle! This fruity, tangy, zingy brew is refreshing beyond belief and bursts with flavor. Created with fresh oranges and lemons, this sensitive brew is sure to be a new favorite! 24/ refreshment, Yo!

#2 Alice Blonde: 5.2% ABV – 16.5 IBU – 14.5 OG
Belgian Blonde
Our spicy Belgian Blonde is a wit-esque, summer wheat that is spiced with coriander and orange peel. It has a subtle, Earthy character. This is our head brewer’s daily drinker.

#3 Wet Hop Bomb! 13oz only Specialty Beer: 8.7% ABV – 75 IBU – 18.5 OG
Wet Hop Seasonal IPA ~ Specialty Beer
Brewed with over 100 pounds of freshly picked Nugget Chinook and Columbus hops, this Fresh Hop IPA is one of the most exotic beers ever made in Wonderland!

#4 The Cuban Import: 8% ABV – 59.2 IBU – 19.4 OG
Foreign Extra Stout- Bold, Assertive, Forward
This stout streams “Who’s the Boss?!” In this case, it isn’t Tony Danza. Roasted coffee aroma, burnt sugar, tobacco and a hint of caramel sweetness.
Stout loves – come one, come all!

#5 Good Gose!: TBA% ABV – TBA IBU – TBA OG
Gose (Pronounced “Gose-uh”)

#6 Hoptail IPA: 7.4%ABV ~ 63 IBU ~ 18.8 OG
American IPA~ Specialy Beer
Before sipping the double- hopped American IPA, you may notice an aroma of grapefruit and citrusy lemon. Take note of a piney flavor throughout the beer and a surprise caramel sweetness that lingers at the finish.

#7 Boxer Schwartz: 5.02%ABV – 14 IBU – 14 OG
German Black Lager Bier
Smooth, Dark, Drinkable. This traditional German Style rhymes with classic taste and fresh roast coffee aroma. Easy to enjoy and designed for the everyman, and every woman. Drink through the clean finish, and malty flavors. baM!

#8 Pumpkindicular:  7%ABV – 13 IBU – 19OG.
Pumpkin Lager
We created us because leaves are falling, Autumn is calling and the pumpkin Madness is officially here!! This year’s offering was inspired by something we all love: Lagers!! The crisp, multi sweetness Blends well with a smooth pumpkin flavor, delicately spiced, and just enough kick to warm you up on the cool, Autumn nights!! Cheers!!

#9 Dubbel 7.6% ABV – 15.7 IBU – 18.7 OG
Belgian Dubbel
This Belgian original is at home here in Wonderland. Notes of bright, dried fruit, raisins and prunes, with hints of caramel- it is an exciting and delicious experience drink. We hope you enjoy this classic Belgian brew!

#10 Rye of the Beholder:7.7% ABV- 66 IBU- 18.6 OG
Rye India Pale Ale
This approachable brew offers bountiful crystal maltiness, nuances of soft, supple grapefruit and touches of roasted blonde coffee beans. With lingering bitterness and a wink of almond, this brew is sure to leave a lasting impression.

#11 Three Putt Pale Ale: 5.5% ABV – 25 IBU – 14.0 OG
American Pale Ale
3 Putt is a German inspired American Pale Ale that’s hopped with Tettnang and Crystal hops. You will notice a nice dryness on the palate with a soft hop bitterness that is not overpowering, as well as a traditional spicyness.

#12 Rabbit Hole Black IPA: 7.64% ABV – 75 IBU – 18.2 OG
American Black IPA
Dark, robust, and delicious, our Black IPA is perfect for totally wrecking your days’ plans. It is black, bold, and dry hopped twice with a balanced bitterness, strong American hop aroma and heavy chocolate notes. Now with more awesome. Get Some!

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What’s on Tap Next??
Be ready for this one Wonderland Fans, we have some exciting stuff on tap and ready to pour…..

Snow Tan  Hoppy Wheat
Gluten Reduced
A new- school take on the classic American Wheat Beer, with well over 2 pounds of Azacca & Citra hops per barrel. This Hoppy wheat explodes with Citrus, pine, and orange aromas and flavors. While being hoppy, this beer has minimal  bitterness and will leave you coming back for more.



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