Light & drinkable

Mojito's Mojito Seltzer. 5.1% abv

Curious cocktail vibes with this unique seltzer.

*Gluten free*

alice blonde. 5.6 % ABV

Gentle, but flavorful. This charmed Belgian blonde is distinctive in it's own right. Spiced with coriander & orange peel, so you can expect citrus with an herbal earthiness to finish. Designed for the craft brew novice and the craft connoisseur alike.

Grapefruit shandy. 6.4% abv

Blood orange wheat ale blended with lemonade and real fruit juice. The citrus is real.

Key Lime shandy. 6.4% abv

Wheat ale blended with lemonade and real fruit juice. The citrus is real.

Lazy doormouse. 5% abv

Sessionable pale wheat ale, hopped with Citra and Azacca that lend refreshing notes of citrus and tropical fruit, most notably mango. Perfect for spring and summer days, sunshine, and the excitement that comes along with!

*Gluten reduced*



rye is this still happening? 6% abv

This unique brew boasts a grain bill of rye with the addition of blackberry-blueberry honey as well as Centennial and East Kent Golding hops. Crisp hop bitterness with lingering notes of sweet orange.




wild duck ipl. 6.5% abv

Ahhhh the India Pale of beers most fantastical creations yet. Get all of the hop flavors you crave without the weight. The Wild Duck IPL boasts Summer and Hort 9909 hops to give this refreshing, sessionable brew notes of melon, apricot, lemon, lime, sweet hay, and spices.


3 putt Pale ale. 5.5% abv

A clean and crisp American pale- bright citrus with luscious notes of pine.


Goldline EPA. 5.9% abv

English pale ale with earthy style hops and hints of lemon peel and black pepper. Made in collaboration with Steuben's in Arvada & Uptown Denver.

*Gluten reduced*

Nothing gold Can Stay. 7.7% abv

The West Coast IPA you've been dreaming of to bring us into summer.  Earthy, floral, citrus, grassy.

hoptail ipa. 7.3% abv

Retro American IPA. A malty-style, high gravity, bitter and timeless American IPA that was once more common. Dreamy orange peel bitterness with a malty backbone.

malty/ambers/dark robust

Boxer Schwartz Schwartzbier. 4.5%

Quaffable German black lager with loads of toasty malt character and a crisp finish. Flavor and drinkability!


Rocky mountain high sour. 5.0% abv

Cherry sour barrel aged for 18 months to give this delicious beer roundedness to mellow out those delicious tart flavors.

O.g. 18.7 malt liquor. 9.4% abv

Craft style American Malt Liquor brewed with real corn and high quality barley.

Goldbloom golden strong ale. 11.5% abv

The Belgian Golden Strong Ale is characterized by fruity, complex flavors and on the higher end of the ABV scale but still approachable for the novice beer palate. This unique take on the style features rose hips and hibiscus to give it a rosy hue and a fun element of herbal sweetness.

let them drink cake. 14% abv

We present this high gravity, flavorful stout. This beer started in our WonderPilot system and it was so good, we had to bring it back!  This imperial pastry stout features bourbon vanilla and packs its punch from a double mash process and the addition of lactose and brown sugar.  We took our *sweet time* in perfecting this full-bodied beauty.

CAT'S PAJAMAS. 8.7% abv

Wheat bock aged on whiskey and oak.  Notes of dark plum and caramel with a warming whiskey character.

Pride of broomfield barleywine. 10.5% abv

This barrel aged barleywine was aged for 2 years in anticipation for our celebrating 5 years in Broomfield!  Its heavy body warms with notes of  caramel and chocolate.

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